Travis Williams

The Developer Gotham Deserves.

The 10 most interesting pieces of Travis Trivia:

    One ugly face.
  1. I briefly considered a career as a food truck owner. My pulled pork beet ravioli is fire.

  2. I know a little bit of Greek. Unfortunately it's Ancient Greek not modern Greek. Kinda useless.

  3. I once played classical guitar on-stage at Benaroya Hall.

  4. I don't even know how to smoke it, but I own a 3 foot long traditional Chinese water-pipe.

  5. The first time I drove a car I was 11. It ended poorly.

  6. I've slept in a hammock in sub-freezing temperatures.

  7. When I was a young boy I lived in Antwerp Belgium.

  8. When I'm trying to problem solve, I argue with myself out-loud. In order to keep the divergent points of view mentally organized, I use (very poorly done) foriegn accents to voice each of them.

  9. I once beat former world #8 rated chess player Yasser Sierwan in a game of speed chess. (He let me win. I was 12. Still counts!)

  10. Even though most of them seem made up, only one of the other items in this list is a lie. Can you guess which?